The Benefits of Nightstands

While commonly disregarded, nightstands have many uses that can make it a critical part of your bedroom décor. Based on your sleeping habits, eating habits, nighttime routine, and other individual needs, a nightstand can fulfill many uses for the average homeowner. We’ve laid out the many benefits and uses of bedside tables for your perusal below:

Storage Area for Medicines

Many people who have daily medications take these before going to bed. The nightstand is a great place to store your medications, and are right next to where you sleep for those nights you realize you’ve forgotten to take them and you’re already in bed.

A Place for Drinks & Snacks

If you like to enjoy a glass of water before bed, or need something to wash down any medications you take, the nightstand is a great area to leave drinks without having to trek back to the kitchen to dispose of your glass or cup. If you’re also prone to the late-night snack, a bedside table can act as a storage area for that, too!

Useful for Reading & Schoolwork

If you’re one of the many individuals who wind down at night with a good book, then a nightstand is perfect for you! Here you can place a lamp and store any reading materials you need so you don’t have to get back up to turn off the lights when you’re done, and you always know where your books are kept. For students, a nightstand is also a great storage area for schoolbooks during those late nights spent studying before tests or exams.

An Area for Internet & Media Devices

Many people peruse the internet through their phones or laptops before going to bed. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to enjoy an episode of their favorite show on the bedroom TV before calling it a night? A bedside table provides you with an area to charge and store your electronic devices, as well as hold the remote for your television.

A Place for Your Alarm Clock

What better place for an alarm clock than right next to your bed? A nightstand provides an area for you to set your alarm clock without having to move around too much in the morning to turn it off.

Improved Aesthetic & Character

Nightstands can add to the character of a room. You can also add any home décor items to a bedside table, whether that be a vase and flowers, lamps, small statues, or anything else you’d like to tie the room together.

An Area for Mementos

Photographs, jewelry, souvenirs, and other trinkets are always a nice reminder of family and friends. A bedside table is a great area to place mementos, as these are the first things you will see in the morning and the last things you see before falling asleep.

Useful for Children

If you have children, a nightstand is the perfect area to keep a night light or store any bedtime stories you read to them before falling asleep. It also can double as storage for toys or other trinkets your children use.

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